Oh... and monopoly champion ;)

We're going to have a great time right from our very first chat! We'll be laughing so hard that your awkward in front of the camera feeling is no longer be found!

Let's be honest, most people don't like being in front of a camera (unless of course you're a professional model). Having your photo taken doesn't have to suck, or feel so awkward that you would rather just hide under rock. This is your special day, and it's my job to make you look and feel amazing!

I'll be there to guide you, calm your nerves, capture those special moments, and to also photograph your true emotion so you can cherish those beautiful memories with generations to come.

This is your love story, told your way.

Meet your photographer

& future BFF

One thing you might notice straight away about me is my kiwi accent. I grew up over the ditch in little old Auckland, New Zealand (go the All Blacks!). My poor Mother hasn't had me living at home since 2016, and I still get asked every day I call her "when are you coming back home to live?".

I have been fortunate enough to have lived and worked in multiple cities around the world before settling into Sydney, Australia. I’ve also explored over 30 countries around the world, from backpacking Europe, to sipping on my banana smoothies in Fiji, to sailing the beautiful waters of Croatia and Turkey, to solo travelling Morocco. I live for these moments. Moments that provide me with memories to cherish for a lifetime.

As a fused editorial and documentary photographer, my passion for photography started in my teenage years. However, most of my time was spent on the netball court or in a swimming pool. As a competitive athlete growing up, I never had the time to truly explore my passion for photography until I moved to London in my early twenties, when a friend gifted me my first camera.

I was told to start documenting the things that truly open the heart and soul. At that time, it was the beautiful European buildings and the gorgeous white sandy beaches, but what I learnt, was that capturing people and their emotion was what truly opened the heart and soul. It's a surreal moment seeing the feeling people get when they’re able to relive a moment in time, simply by looking at a photograph.

I will always live for




Meet James - This ever so patient and gentle man is quite literally, my better half (and now husband). By trade, James is a Chiropractor, but he’s also my mentor, psychologist, psychiatrist, PA, foot masseuse, part time cook, OCD cleaner, monopoly cheat, lover and best friend.

Whilst I am the extrovert, James is the calm collected introvert. He’s the milk to my spicy foods, but also the sprinkles to my ice cream, and is just as sports and travel mad as me! There's no doubt that he would be at his happiest snowboarding in Japan, running the mountains of Switzerland or simply just playing soccer.



Bride and groom dancing at wedding reception